Assistance in the creation of the family office from the start, ideally before the liquidity event, or the situation that triggers the need, takes place.
Definition of the objectives and needs of the family.
Establishment of the office model that better fits with the family´s goals.
Design of the portfolio and strategic asset allocation.
Creation of the protocols and internal procedures of governance and decision making.
Selection of the financial entities and managers in charge of the different asset classes.
Assistance in the team recruiting, especially of the Head of the family office.
This service includes recurring follow up (e.g. quarterly) during the first year of the office´s operations, in order to prevent or detect deviations from the objectives, help resolve challenges or implement improvement plans.

One-Time Service

Targeted to existing family offices that are in need of advice and assistance in any specific area, or those which require the adoption of extraordinary measures, for example.
Generational transition.
Changes in the objectives or needs of the beneficiaries.
Unexpected creation of liquidity.
Wish or need of changing the managers of the portfolio.
Team restructuring.
This service is defined and customized for and by the client, based on the requirements that have to be covered in each situation.


Supplementary to the COMPREHENSIVE and ONE-TIME SERVICES, we offer a recurring consultancy, via the presence at the Advisory or Family Boards, or even through periodic meetings to analyze the family office situation from a third party perspective, guiding the client on any aspect that is required.

Training Services

MONDO CONSULTING offers educational and training services for next generations, preparing them to face their future challenges through a robust methodology that creates a framework for understanding family wealth, family values and responsible prosperity.

We also offer training seminars to financial entities and Private Banking departments, focused on the design of specific commercial actions for this type of families and individuals.

Attendees will be provided with better knowledge of the peculiarities and needs of the Ultra High Wealth Clients, making their commercial actions more efficient and improving the relationship with their clients.

If you want more information or any clarification about our services,
do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.